Its amazing when you think about the many roads that life has taken you through. As a person, I constantly think about the various experiences that I pass through as a person and I discover that it alters my view of life and my expectations from it. Same goes for the different people I meet as I go along the long road called life. I find myself constantly re-appraising my life and values, positively and sometimes, unfortunately negatively. In certain situations, certain people make me feel so loved and appreciated that u begin to feel like you are floating across the sky and it brings with it a new understanding of the word, gratitude.

At other times, people bring out the ‘devil in me. Frankly, sometimes it surprises me that such feelings are inside of me even with the outstanding upbringing and biblical background that I was given. The good thing is that I am able to control my temper but not always my mouth. The people around me will tell you that I am always able to speak my mind and tell you almost exactly how I feel. I say ‘almost’ because it may be a bit tricky to verbally express precisely how you feel sometimes. It goes beyond being just happy, or sad.

Human emotions are distinctly complex and it requires a great knowledge of oneself to even begin to understand the feelings you have. And an even greater understanding to understand the reasons for them.

I have lived quite a full life in my 26 years of existence. I have experienced a giddy sense of joy, excruciating pain, harrowing sorrow and it goes on and on. The amazing thing is that it usually is a transient state. Life throws different situations at different times and sometimes at even the same time. Its just amazing. Death and birth on the same day; the extreme opposites of our state of mind. The only option open to us when u really sit and reflect about it is our response to the events in our lives and how we ultimately deal with them. Even as I’m writing this, a small part of me is saying that its easier said than done but the good thing is that an even bigger part of me is saying our responses matter the most and I usually follow the bigger part of me. Go figure.

We cannot undo the things that have already happened or erase our mistakes. No amount of remorse or regret will change what already was. We cannot un-walk the steps that have already been taken. There’s just no eraser but there’s a lot more paper to write what we want and it can be in direct contrast to what has already been written. Our life does not have to be in placid and passive acceptance of whatever life brings our way. When life writes us a story, we can always change the end part of it. Sometimes, we do not have the power to write the beginnings of our stories but most times, if we put our minds to it, we can ultimately change our endings. It doesn’t have to be a fairytale. It just needs to be something that we can live contentedly with, with a sense of satisfaction.

So, get out the pens with which you write the events in your life. Its great because your age or experience doesn’t matter. What matters is your determination and will. So get writing. And have fun while you’re at it. 


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