Different sides of the same coin.

Most people will say that life is funny. I would absolutely agree with them. I think also that in addition to being funny, life is so amazing. It shows both sides of the coin. In life, we experience joy, laughter, love and happy times. But in the same vein, we also experience sorrow, anguish, heartbreak and sad times. Then, there are those crazy times that can make us laugh and cry at the same time. For example, the pain and joy of childbirth.

I have like everybody else out there experienced both sides of life and both have taught me different things in different ways. In my own estimation, I have been through a lot but then I realize that in the course of life, I am going to experience much more. The truth is the number of sad and happy times are far going to exceed the ones that I’ve experienced already. This is the fact whether I like it, want it or not.

There was a time when life was seemingly perfect. Oh the blissfully ignorant days of childhood where we have everything we could ever want or wish for. As the last child, everyone doted on me. I had so much love and care. I could achieve anything and be anybody I wanted to. You know the feeling when your mother tells you that you are the most beautiful thing that God ever created. You get this feeling that just can’t be put into words. As a child, pain, heartache and the like do not exist at all. Life is perfect.
When u graduate from childhood, you graduate from a perfect world into an imperfect world. You start experiencing the vicissitudes of life. Do I need to talk about the heart searing pain of our first heartbreak? The feeling that nothing is ever going to be the same again. The crushing sense of loss and grief. The nights spent crying and the days spent listlessly gazing in front of you like a new type of automated robot or the newest specie of the zombie family. My first heartbreak, hahaha. Now I can laugh about it, but trust me, then, it was not funny at all.

I’ve learnt a lot on my short journey on earth. I’ve learnt to smile even when all I feel like doing is crying bucketfuls of tears. I’ve learnt how to be strong for myself and for those around me even though I feel as weak as a wet Kleenex. I’ve learnt how to take things as they come. I know now that I don’t have the power to change everything no matter how hard I want to. I’ve learnt how to love again and again after so many heartbreaks. I’m not. gonna give up on love. No way. I’ve learnt too that it’s not about what happens to you but how you react to what happens to you. Its okay to cry but you can smile after the tears have stopped.

But the biggest lesson thus far has been that God never promised that we would not experience pain or disappointments or betrayals. He never promised us that everything would be rosy all the time. He did not say life would be a piece of cake. There would be trials and tribulations but his promise was that he would be right by our side and never leave us. He said he would be our comforter and our refuge in times of trouble. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us and his word is true.

So when u experience crazy joy or the reverse side of that coin, remember God is sharing that moment with you. When I think about the long road ahead of me and the many diverse experiences in store, the many times I will doubt myself, the countless times I’ll dance with joy or the many times I’ll weep my eyes out, the most important thing is that I won’t be going through these moments alone. To me, that is all that really matters. Life, bring it on.


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