Guys, you look gay!

I’m a crazy dresser. Yes, I agree. I don’t go with the norms and I don’t dress like the next girl but I like to think I dress in a stylish, colorful, earthy and bold way. That’s a lot, I know. But that does not justify or excuse the way that people dress these days especially the guys.

Boy’s fashion trend these days is just ridiculous to say the least. Its time someone said something about it. I see articles everyday chastising the way women dress but people seem oblivious to the guys. I absolutely love short dresses and people have a problem with it (I’m planning to change soon though) but boys fashion is getting weirder and weirder with each passing day.

From ‘superman’ t-shirt to those extremely tight jeans that leave nothing to the imagination, its all I can do to keep from shouting when I come across guys nowadays. I know we all love and admire fashion savvy guys that are nice looking and if he happens to be tall and speaks intelligently, please give him my number (I’m just joking o). But seriously, it does leave much to be desired when a guy dresses like he doesn’t know who he is.

‘Superman’ is a cartoon character, just in case that escaped your notice boys. I love to see my 7 year old nephew or my 3 year old god son in it but the idea of a full grown man clad in a t-shirt with a cartoon character leaves me speechless. Is that supposed to be sexy or what? Fashionable? It makes me wonder if the guy had a childhood or if he wants his childhood back. ‘Superman’ ‘Batman’ ‘Ironman’ what the heck is that? Its juvenile abeg.

The first time I saw Cabo Snoop dancing and jumping around in the skinniest jeans I had ever seen in my life, my jaws literally dropped. I was stunned. Now I see these jeans on basically everyone these days and I just can’t get used to it. What are they thinking? Guys, it makes you look gay!

There is no justifiable reason on earth why a guy that’s straight should put on jeans that will show his entire package, for goodness sake! As if that’s not bad enough, must you sag? Is that supposed to look fly? I swear, sometimes I feel like pulling it back up. Like my friend, Imade says, its looks like a yankee kid with a social behavior problem. That said, its 2012. If you’re still wearing baggy trousers and oversized shirts, you need a new wardrobe. Seriously! And please remove the toothpicks from your mouths!

We love that you love fashion. We love the fact that you want to look good but if you’re walking and people are staring, pointing, giggling and dogs are barking at you, please run inside and don’t come back out.

Look good. Look clean. Look like a man. Looking gay isn’t sexy and neither is looking like a toddler. We don’t want to date our baby brothers. Stop these trends, I’m begging (its not gonna get you a girlfriend), read basic fashion rules (might write an article on it if you’re willing to pay), ask your dad (yes, ask him), ask your sister and spare us the laughter and shock that we experience when you walk past us. No vex o. I just dey talk my own.


11 thoughts on “Guys, you look gay!

  1. You are absolutely right girl. You left out the way some guys talk these days….U wonder what differs them from the GAY dudes on E! Well maybe Gay is getting more celebrated. Thrash it on SoSa

  2. The Bible said ln Luke 17:10-19 that as it was in the days of Noah,so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man.When u see dis tins happ,it just to tell u dat the Bible doesn’t lie.Exactly what happ in Sodom is what we are seeing today…But there ws a consequences.So before they see it,it is our duty as Christains to make dem understand what they are doing is wrong.

  3. Lol, y are all the girls making noise, if one of these same gay looking asses comes down from his jeep and toasts you, you guys will still say yes, girls love bad boys, plain and simple. Plus I don’t see any one insulting lil wayne, and his crew on MTV base. Its just a phase and it will pass

  4. Guys we should try to watch what we put on not just anything in the name of fashion or trend stuff, let try to pass on good moral dressing code to future generations coming up.

  5. My line of work certainly does not give me room to dress outrageously but guys the celebs and the American culture, are they really portraying the good life? To me they look more like fake IDs. Dress smart, make money and enjoy your life.

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