One of the reasons I don’t like talking so much about politics is that it makes me sad and angry. Seeing corrupt politicians, incompetent government officials and greedy individuals loot our treasury with such impunity and audacity makes me want to scream. But since screaming won’t do anything to stop it, what’s the use? Everyday for the thief, one day the owner go break him head. One day, Nigerians will say enough is enough and I’m saving my strength for that day.

What started me on this article was that this morning I heard my sister talking to her friend about the campaign strategies the various parties were employing ahead of the July 14th gubernatorial elections in Edo state. She was particularly talking about Major-General Charles Airhiavbere and his bogus promises. I jumped up from my bed,  leaned my ear to the door to hear more (as an amebo) and heard her saying the campaign team came around yesterday distributing branded bags, t-shirts, facecaps, hand bills and others to garner support for the man. As a bini woman, of course she collected them.

I walked out, joined the discussion and read some of the hand bills. They made me burst out in laughter. His campaign team really needs to do a better job. Public swimming pools, encouragement of urban-rural migration, 18 mini stadia in every LGA, etc. Is that what the problem is? Is that what Edo state needs? Don’t just build swimming pools o, install air conditioning systems on our streets because Edo State is too hot abeg. Nonsense! Wait o. Where was this General all these years? He has suddenly become visible and his pictures assault our vision every time one passes a major road but did he just come back from the dead? If you believe in helping your people, why wait till you retire and join politics? So if you’re not a Governor, you can’t help abi? You have to join the looters club.


Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole. His supporters call him Oshio baba! I have nothing against the Governor of Edo State. But as I always say, lets call a spade, a spade. Ring road is still being beautified after almost 2 years with no end in sight, Airport road has been handed over to the 2nd or 3rd contractor and they’re still not done, Time out junction’s road design has everyone confused including the contractors handling the project, salaries wahala, cases of high handedness, the support of fuel subsidy removal by the President(remember when he was the Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress and constantly fought the government over the same issue), his billion naira mansion in his Iyamho village in Etsako West local government area and the constant borrowing from financial institutions. And they call him ‘a man of the people’.

When it rains in Edo State, that’s when you’ll realize that there are no roads, including the ones that look tarred. Everywhere becomes flooded. For a state that has one of the best road network in the country, it’s a shame. When it rains in Ugbowo, don’t attempt to pass that road o. Simply look for a hotel and check in. if you don’t have money, I laff in Chinese, you go suffer ehn! From Second East circular to Evbuotubu, the story remains the same. Lets face it, Edo state is not working. Forget the propaganda.

So because Lucky Igbinedion(May God punish him like James Ibori) didn’t do anything at all, I should not talk ehn! We should name the buses after him because he bought them abi. Is it not his job? Isn’t he supposed to do the job he’s being paid for? What is he doing at the helm of affairs if he’s not ready to work? Abeg, leave me jor!

Come July 14th, I’m not voting. If you like go and call the police. Who should I vote for when I believe the contenders are not in it to serve the state but themselves? Who do I vote for when there are no credible candidates? This is not even about free and fair elections, its about not voting because there is no one to vote for. They are all the same. PDP, ACN, PPP, YYY, ZZZ. The people in ACN today were the chieftains of PDP in the past and vice versa. Same wine in different bottles. So who is fooling who? Well, as my friends on twitter would say, God is watching you all in 3D o.


14 thoughts on “  I’m not voting, call the Police!

  1. Hmmmm. Words failed me. Its true the current political contraption isn’t working. As u rightly put it, its same wine in different bottles or as soyinka once remarked during the Abacha misadventure, they are different fingers of the same leprous hand. I think it is high time genuine patriots step up to politics, as we cannot forever allow the worst of us to keep on ruling the best of us. God bless Nigeria but we must indeed, arise!

  2. I lived in Benin for many years, i was there when Igbinedion totally crippled whatever little thing Edo State had. I was still there when Osunbor celebrated his 100 days with a couple of tarred roads as achievement (like Water Resources road) When Oshiomhole came in, we expected so much, he seemed to be what the state needed. With the beautification of King’s Square (Ring Road as i know it), we rejoiced a little…but then, Airport road which had been tarred needed little to expose itself. A couple of rainfalls…and BAM!!! It filled with portholes. He pulled down houses, increased AAU, Ekpoma school fees, wore Khaki all over the place and then we knew he never had a plan to fix the state! He just wanted to dilly-dally for four years and probably come back! Its been just two years and aside from the buses he bought (a BRF idea), there’s little or nothing to write home about. I’m sure it would have been different, the expectations, if it hadn’t been Oshiomhole. Eseosa, koyo!

  3. Ese, how you managed to present a case this serious in a manner this hilarious is beyond me. Haha! And to think someone still presented this man to me as one of Nigeria’s working Governors today. Come to think of it, ACN has not managed the states they collected from PDP properly, yet they are asking us to gift them more states, they expect us to make the same mistake twice? As you rightly said, we should stop wasting our energies crying over spilt milk and rather prepare for Judgement Day. Trust me, its nearer than they think. We are reclaiming our nation back!

    Lovely piece dear, simple and loaded, read it without a pause. *hug*

  4. You better think twice and go take a look around ​​​†ђξ oshomole project again most are complete now. And again you have no voice I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ govmet if you dont vote. Go on and check what ​​​†ђξ govnor his done. Am not convincing you I and only telling you to wake up young lady. We are getting there at lst oshomole is leaving a remark no body will come and not do better than him anymore. and as you point out ​​​†ђξ few work undone also tell ​​​†ђξ truth of ​​​†ђξ good once too my dear

  5. You were no there and u said they did not share it equally. Even if u’re there, they’re ready to cheat u. What I mean is that, you can’t jst leave them like that. Do your own and leave d rest. Remember GOD’LL NEVER SAVE US WITHOUT OUR STEERING.

  6. Ogbonge write-up, I thought I was d only one not going to vote o.
    Where are they who have real manifesto to pursue so I fit to vote!!!

  7. photizo thanks (uruese). I get the message Ayo, We will arise. Zebbook, *hugs*. Oz, I have nothing against the Governor like I said. I was only stating facts but thanks though. Ibrahim, Yes I know but I wont vote just for the sake of voting. I will vote when I see a credible candidate that I can trust. Thanks guys.

  8. It’s really sad, Edo State has such potential for development, especially Benin City. If only the State could have a Fashola! I don’t know how leaders feel comfortable “chopping” without working. God knows if you’re committed to service, you work and the people can see change that makes their lives better, nobody is even going to be thinking of how much you’re “chopping”- yes, Nigerians have suffered that much. God have mercy on Benin, and Nigeria!

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