Hurt is eating me so deep…….
This gash is so so steep…………
How do I explain what I’ve believed
When all I’m feeling is…..relieved
Cos I’m happy for having what is not mine
and in essence accept and feed myself lies
and its realization makes me cry……

I’m so unstable that I’ll call this …mad
When you expect the truth, but given lies
In moments of happiness, he shifts the lines
When you’ve been given, only to be robbed
Expecting praises, and heard only shouts of Flop.

Earnestly hoping for the best, but battered
Critically lied to, when truth is all that matters
Attending to frivolities, when the real thing fades
I’m counting times that I’ve seen hope run away
I get so hurt that its hard to think straight
while the joy is with whoever makes me stray
Never again…….just like Kay would say
I want to learn untruthfulness….its incredible
after all,there is an excuse…….I’m fallible.

I’m full of this food of hurt and I need to feed on
Help people to drink with me in this cup of hurt
and feel that innermost desolation in me
that needs all of earths energy to bridge.
I was hoping this would help…….
what if I sent the wrong message?
whats next?

I’m back to the starting point…….
Boiling and seething like oil……
I need help, cos this is consuming who I am
and with this message I invite help, who am I?
its inevitable I ask again.
After everything………..I’m still HURT!

Debo Adejugbe


2 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. Nice read. Well said, and a general feeling of what goes on right under the feeble mind of the meek.

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