Celebrating Gloria

I was supposed to post this article on the 1st of October. I’d been mentally preparing myself for days to actually write something, even if it was just a few lines. But on that day I just couldn’t. I preferred to daydream. You are such a private part of me and I just didn’t want to share that part of me. Its crazy because I have so much memories of you. Good and bad. I am still afraid to think about the bad ones. While I always go through September 13th trying to forget the date, I am always happy on October 1st. We all are. There’s always a joyful spirit in the air. We celebrate you. We express gratitude to God that we had you even if it was for a short time. The tears are falling now from my eyes like I knew they would. This is the hardest article I’ve ever written. Oh, well!

Its so difficult to write about you and I really don’t know why. You were such a beauty. In and out. Oh, I know people say that about their loved ones but you really had such a beautiful spirit. Everyone gravitated towards you. I wanted to grow up to be like you. You were my favourite. Everyone loved you. I still haven’t met anyone who likes to laugh as much as you did. 9 years! Without you! I still remember that day with such clarity that I can’t believe its been 9 long years. We don’t cry anymore. When someone mentions your name, everyone smiles; each one lost in his/her own memories of you. My God, how time flies! We still talk about you in present tense. I know its weird, I like it. It confuses visitors. They ask, we smile.

‘Thank you Lord for my sister. Though we would have loved to see her alive and happy, but you know best. In everything, we give you thanks. Thank you for the blessing that she was. Thank you for illuminating our world with her light. Thank you because we know she is in a better place. It is well.’

Gloria Omodamwen Ogbeide
Oct 1 1972-Sept 13 2003
We had the world when we had you!


8 thoughts on “Celebrating Gloria

  1. Its crazy when people say or think there’s no life after here.
    How can there not be?
    It may be easy to think dat while only looking at d so much perpetrators of evil around us.
    However, a glimpse into d lives of many beauties and angels we’ve lost will make shake our heads in pity for those dat believe not in a life hereafter.

    I understand those emotions cos I’ve bn there.

    Never let time or any contrary emotion steal those lovely memories from u.
    May they alwaz continue to bring smiles to ur face and not tears.

  2. My sister its an unforgetable memory. Bring d’ best out Of it. My granma’s departure Of 2years seems like dis morning. I still feel d sharp pain. God alone consoles d bereaved. Its Well my dear sister. D joy s dat wé ll meet again. Enjoy!

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