Building my Workplace Basics

You can never go wrong with a black blazer and blue jeans.So recently, I started working in a structured organisation that’s not owned by me. This is the first time I’m  working for someone else as I have always started my own thing. Whether I will start up something sooner or later remains to be seen as I am enjoying this experience. Oh, its wonderful! I don’t worry about salaries, responsibilities, rent, overheads, budgets, and everything that CEOs worry about and I swear, I sleep better at night. On the flip side, I have to put up with my boss’ stance on how she wants things done, orders, deadlines, the much ‘dreaded’ performance appraisals, strategic competencies (Believe me, when I say I hear this everyday), and quite truthfully a lot of the worries I had as a CEO though on a much smaller scale.

A big thing that I have had to deal with is the workplace dress code. A lot people who know me know I don’t like being ordered about (I’m coping nicely, thank you very much) and I have a particular way I dress. I like short gowns, tight jeans, colourful blouses and jackets, bright coloured high heels and beautiful suede ballerina flats and moccasins. Some of these do not quite cut it in the corporate world as I have to have meetings with managers and at least, mid-level staff of other organisations. Wahala don burst! I don’t own a suit and I do not look forward to wearing one. There’s just something about it that does not agree with me. I like crazy. Crazy is normal for me so conservative suits are weird for me. Infact I just don’t like suits, conservative or not sef.

The good thing is that you actually don’t have to wear suits in my office (Somebody say alleluia)!!! But of course, you have to look decent and classy! Now, you’re talking! And as long as I didn’t wear clothes that showed my tattoo to meetings with other organisations, we were cool. As soon as I heard those rules, fium! I quickly constructed my basics. Basics are the framework with which you consolidate your attire, or in my case, wardrobe around. I came up with some ideas which have been pretty helpful thus far. These basics have helped me create a classy, stylish, less conservative look that is still totally me.  Y’all know I don’t do the conservative thing.


I don’t like black bags. No way! If I have to carry a black bag, there has to be other bright colours as well and this may not work in the workplace (no pun intended). I have had to update my wardrobe with browns (this I love) and other dark colours but definitely not black. To be honest, I don’t own a black bag and I’m not looking to buy.


Oh, I love dresses. The shorter the dress, the deeper the love. Now, I might not be able to wear crazy short dresses to the office but I can wear, classy short dresses to the office. Biko, note the difference. Those ones that end just above the knee are the classy ones *wink*. Anything shorter, hmmm, you are on your own. I have learnt to invest in good dresses, I swear, they make you look like a billion bucks even with minimal accessories.

White Shirt

This is one basic that can be used in a zillion different ways. It’s a no-brainer. I love, love white dresses because they are so versatile and can be paired with anything and accessorized like crazy. On Fridays, I’m allowed to wear jeans (Infact I had to beg for this policy as my vast collection of jeans were just sitting there doing nothing and wasting my money) and paired with a white shirt and colorful shoes makes you feel like a member of the royal house.

Black blazer

I can’t count the number of times I have had to thank the person that came up with this idea. Because its black, it goes with everything. With skirts, trousers, dresses, name it! And the amazing part is, it could be cheap and still look like it cost a fortune. The black blazer is the miracle worker in the wardrobe.


Seeing as my behind ain’t on the jagbajantic side, I usually don’t wear skirts but I when I started work, I discovered this fabulous length that makes me look pretty good. I will keep preaching about that length that stops right above the knee, give me a pulpit abeg.  When I wear skirts and pair them with beautiful shoes, I look and feel like the sun. Its amazing how what you put on affects how you feel, that’s what I keep saying and I wish people would listen.


From belts, to scarves, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, statement rings and unusual earrings, accessories are the icing on top of a red velvet cake (my foodist attitude must show itself). I play a lot with fashion but its very important I look good else I’m not leaving my house and accessories save the day I tell you. Quirky but fun accessories usually upgrade what you’re wearing from normal to explosive. I usually get accessories everywhere I go as I find things that appeal to my fashion sense even when I’m not looking, some are expensive and some are ridiculously cheap.

Anyway, those are my basics. I’ve built my office wardrobe around them and it has been pretty amazing. I daresay I look like a boss. A lot has to do with your confidence though. This does it for me but something else may appeal to you. Care to share? Please do.


4 thoughts on “Building my Workplace Basics

  1. Congrats on the new job, it’s always good to once in a lifetime move away from under the canopy’s of one’s revelance and authority and gain some invaluable work ethics in a structured corporate setting which is beyond one’s command.

    No doubt you’ll find the experience useful in the next stage of your CEO-ship, as you don’t sound like one who would forgo the bliss of being the oga at the top for long. So have fun and learn as much as you can within the time you’ve got. Enjoy the ride.

    PS: Short gowns and tight jeans though *rme* Give your life to Christ.

    1. No be small Oga at the top. I do enjoy being the boss but you’re right, I am gaining useful work ethics. My CEO-ship? We’ll see how that goes. Abeg limmi jor. LOL. My life belongs to Jesus already and he loves me just the way I am. Thanks for reading Bukola.

  2. I like short gowns, tight jeans,

    Whistling past

    Well I had a similar experience, coming from a engineering bckground, I was used to wearing Jeans, sneakers and the other causal stuff. Through a series of events, I was deployed from the field to the office. You can imagine the surprised look on the face of my colleagues when they saw my wearing a suit.

    To be honest, wearing suits and ties are a big chore for me but I really don’t have a choice. Jeans and Tees any day. I remember Mark Zuckerburg wore a hoodie to a corporate meeting and the comments that trailed.

    Well if my oga at the top comes here to say another thing, he’s on his own.

    Daz all.

    *straight face*

  3. Interesting, i thought I was the only one loving these weird combos. Its actually very comfortable, shouldn’t comfortability be the key? I like short dresses, anything below my knees leave me feeling like an SU. I like jeans, t-shirt, blazer of course black to go with some boots, whatever that is. Well done and enjoy every bit of the experience and crazies working for someone.

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