What has age got to do with it?

First off, I’m 28 years old so you don’t think I’m an oldie. Infact I’m not even 28 yet as it’s not July 4th yet but oh well! I am a sexy, confident young lady! And may I say, sexy again? *winks* When we talk of age and love and being a woman (a sexually active woman), the term ‘cougar’ comes up! For married women in their early thirties, they like to play around with the term thinking it makes then look sexy. Oh well, Na una sabi. Who is to say, when I’m in your shoes, I won’t do same or worse! Please note that I said ‘term’, not boys o.

Oh yes! I can boldly and calmly say I like boys. Especially for entertainment. My colleague, regularly tells me that I like boys too much and he is always skeptical about introducing me to his friends. Boys, being the operative word here. Nonsense colleague of mine!

Men are complicated beings, right? That is a fact we can all agree. Who needs them? (Btw, My Oga at the top must NEVER read this o! Not in this lifetime). But seeing as body no be firewood and one isn’t ready for the complexities and complications of the ‘men’ folk, can’t one luck an apple from the tree of ‘boy’ hood to counter the raging effects of this hard life? Abi no be so? Has anyone noticed that they are getting finer and finer by the day?

This fact was brought home to me some days ago. My friend and I had gone to a bar after work hours like we usually do to ogle fine boys and disagree over whose ass was better proportioned when the guys bent over to shoot pool. When he walked in, I swallowed and mehn, I had no drink in my mouth. I simply drank in the sight of him. The boy was fine! Abeg, leave matter, he fine!#endof. My friend agreed that he was fine but he couldn’t be more than 24. “So? And how is that supposed to be my business nau?’. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why his age was an issue. In my opinion, he was a ‘man’ without the wahala, attitude and baggages that came with the older species of his gender.

“Haba, Eseosa, you don spoil finish o. You no go leave all these small boys?” I fired back without missing a beat. “My friend, be guided. Small boy for where? Can you look at that boy again and see the confidence that exudes from him? His mother didn’t give him that. Experience did.” We couldn’t seem to agree and left the matter there. This morning, I have been told my my colleague that I like boys again. So I have penned my thoughts since I can’t get them to listen verbally.

The quest for love is no an easy road. Trust me, I have been there, done that and swiped the dirt of my shoulder. From looking for the fairytale, cinderella and glass slipper kind of love(which I am still searching for), to the kind where I only need you for the night(which is far more attainable), it can be an arduous journey. As time goes by, as the men become more unreasonable and clueluess and we become bag-women, a paradigm shift occurs. You stop thinking like you used to think. You need to, in order to survive.

I don’t wait for you. If I like you and I want you, what stops me from coming to get you? If I desire a pair of shoes, I walk up to the counter and make moves to take it home with me. Simple! No need for long talk. But I digress. From the age of 24, I don’t see what the problem is. I have dated younger guys before (and i mean, real dating, no be come chop) and for a while, they were beautiful relationships. Where did it lead me? Here! The same place that relationships with older guys left me so what is the point?

We need to free our mind from the shackles we have placed on it. Have you heard of Casper Smart and Jlo? Hello!!! Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? Fine! It didn’t land Demi anywhere but then neither did her marriage to Bruce Willis. So what are you telling me? Abegi!!


4 thoughts on “What has age got to do with it?

  1. *applause* I like your bold/bluntness.

    I’m around our age, and I believe I’ve had less relationship experience than the average Nigerian male graduate of my age. Still, I’ve dated younger girls and older woman (>5yrs), and I have to say I enjoyed the older woman better. I also tend to get closer with older women for friendships. They are more honest, pretend less and have more experience in understanding men.

  2. Great write-up! I must start by commending your sincerity and openness. Things about relationships don’t completely agree as you have thought them out. Yes,there are a few complexities with dating older men but younger boys have their deficiencies too and it may be very grievous.
    I won’t agree you like “boys” too much cos if na babe you like,your people go suggest deliverance and counselling but for your age, status and achievements,I believe the world is big enough space for you to play but my little advice,”if you wanna burn your fingers, don’t use the fiery furnace or you may never live to tell the story”

  3. Princess don activate PARA mode o. Its sed that truth comes out unbidded when one gets angry-ish. And this my sister is truth. It is quite complicated… Talking with Gals my age and the all seem deficient in experience and common sense sometimes. But my older friends get me as much as i get them.
    As far as dating an older lady goes, i dont think i’d mind if she doesnt, but i also dont think it’ll be best for every lady. Cos of my earlier quote, they may say things in anger (things which they suppress and say they dont mind) which will have a great effect on d guys manhood or his perception of it that can yield potential stability problems.

    That being said, its really sweet being in the company of someone who understands you.
    Like you do *winks* lol.

    Anywhoo, welcome back Princess, lovely write up as always and believe me when i say we don miss you!
    Thank you

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