The Half Full

what do you see

what do you see

“No matter what your dream is in life, no matter what your goal, keep your eyes upon the doughnut and not upon the hole.” – Emily Mortimer

The dictionary defines perspective as “the capacity to view things in their true relation or relative importance.”

Your perspective determines whether
you focus on what you have or what you
are missing. Many people have gone down the wrong path simply because they refused to see the other side of life. The world that offers you thorns, also adds beautiful roses to them. Sometimes what we think are important aren’t and what we place so much value on are of less importance. Like Mr Johnny Depp said ” Nowadays, people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing”

There are times that all we need is to change that channel and see the world in a new way. The moment we make up our mind that the way you see things makes a difference. We need to see ourselves as a cause not an effect. You don’t have to be a product or a victim of your circumstances. Stop thinking about what is happening to you and start thinking about what you can make happen. Too many people blow their problems way out of proportion, devoting precious mental energy to situations which do not carry “life or death” consequences.

Perspective is everything, isn’t it? This is such a creative, physical way to help us put our challenges into perspective!
When you look up into the sky at night, what do you see? Darkness or Stars? There is nothing like something is totally bad, because if we look deeper, we might just find a flicker of light. A small perspective can change anything. A deeper look at issues can give open the entire universe to you. Perspective suggests that you’ve considered your place in this world and that you appreciate “the big picture.” Some of the world’s deepest questions have actually already been answered.
Perspective helps us to know that circumstances do not create us, we create our circumstances. This not about positive confession or just a positive thinking, it’s a conscious and deliberate choice to see the other side of life.

“Sometimes awful things have their own kind of beauty.”

As you widen the lens of your perception, you’ll experience less tension, improve your attitude, develop keener insight into the meaning of your life, and most likely enjoy greater material success as well.

I am Olawale.

PS: Friendly Reminder Series will be published every fortnight on this blog.


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