Be Angry

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die – Buddha

Everybody has to deal with anger from time to time. You will get angry by what you see, hear, even our own thoughts can create resentment within us. Even the most gentle of personalities can temporarily turn into a vindictive rascal, if pushed far enough. Have you ever made it through an entire day without getting angry at something or someone? Probably not-and that’s totally normal.

When you’re faced with a situation that makes you angry, do not let yourself explode. Ruminating on your anger isn’t actually helpful, it fuels your anger more and if its not checked, you might actually do something you do not like with it.

One person in five has ended a relationship because of the way the other person dealt with anger – Celia.

We all get angry. But for some people this basic and powerful human emotion is difficult to manage. Dissecting your anger to take away its power away, it reduces it potency. You are allowed to feel anger, it just learning to control it that’s the hard part.

Have learned to take a step back when you are angry? The other person might call you coward, but stepping back might help resist the urge to talk or act. You know as well as I do that word utters in anger are always louder at times. While it’s important for you to express you feelings, refrain from uttering absolute statements that invalidate another’s thoughts or feelings and can spark anger in both of you. May I say that it might also be great to watching a sitcom, these are few of many things to do while you are angry.

When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred. “ – Thomas Jefferson

A conversation with yourself may keep you calm. There is something
about focusing on the gently flow of the breath in and out of your body that just has a soothing quality, that helps to bring you back into the now and clear
you mind.

You may have every right to be angry with someone, but you know that by getting angry with him you will only lose your precious peace of mind..” – Sri Chinmoy

Be ye angry, but learn when to Stop.

I am Olawale.
This is a friendly Reminder.

Image via prayingyouth


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