Free is Valuable.

There is this general saying that”whatever you get free, you (may not) won’t value it”

I read something about Flamini few weeks back.

Now to people who are not familiar with football like Bankole and Mister Mo, Getting a player on a free transfer simply means that you didn’t pay a single kobo to get him, all you need do is to agree on his wages and the player become yours.

Since Arsenal signed Flamini on a free transfer, he has become the integral part of our team, his work rate has been one of our protective shield for our Center Back. We now concede less goals, his tackles have been timely and passes superb. He is sure a great asset to the team.

“Flamini had a job to do on Hamsik and he did it very well. We stopped them counter-attacking.” – Wenger

Now back to the the general assumption. Yes I don’t feel comfortable using the word ‘believe’ again. Because you are offering a freebie doesn’t mean that the receiver won’t appreciate it. The assumption that because it is free means that it’s of low value should be discarded.
“Free offers may not devalue products at all when they are paired with an expensive purchase.” Some of my finest designs are freebies. I value them so much that after giving it out, I wonder if I should have kept it and sold it to another client. Price is not necessarily a reflection of value.

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”
– Mary Oliver

How many of us remember the #ChildNotBride design by @IamAyomiDotun Can you say that design has no value because it is free?

The value of a freebie is often perceived as higher than a typical cost.” – Prof. Ariely

Even when you’d lost everything you thought there was to lose, somebody came along and gave you something for free.” – Jenny Valentine

Our main focus should be on whether what we got for free is serving its purpose. If it does, it is then more valuable than what you spent money on and isn’t getting the job done. Value doesn’t means high price. The real value of a person or thing is his/her/its availability and benefits.

I am Olawale.
I am a Reader.


7 thoughts on “Free is Valuable.

  1. Sometimes the person on the receiving end does not recognize the value of the freebie mostly because they’re getting it for free. In a society like ours where almost everything is greeted with ‘how much?’ it’s a little difficult to do free stuff.

    That said, nice piece.

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