September Wahala

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September is just around the corner and Sugar is due to start preschool. What a wawu! I just kent believe it. Did I not just give birth to him yesterday? Time really and truly does fly! Wow! I’m so grateful and blessed I get to see him grow and do the funny things that he does. He’s always so happy. He gets it from his mama! Lol.

One of the reasons I think Sugar is such a happy bunny is because he’s surrounded with so much love, play and positivity. I know that my son knows without a doubt that he is loved and cherished because I show and tell him deliberately and consciously. And I ensure I do often. It’s easy because it’s just the 2 of us and I have so much love to give, so he gets it all. Lucky chap *rolling my eyes*. Jokes apart though, I believe the environment he is in everyday is so important. We modern day mothers read too much parenting books, I guess. Lol.

My people! Hmmmmm! I never knew choosing a preschool could be this difficult o. Jesus! I have been on this matter for the past one month and I am still on it. I now even have a big file and it is getting bigger and bigger. Oh my God! Is it not to learn ABC and 123? What is the big deal? I ask myself all the time. But, as with everything that concerns my precious boy, it entails so much thought, research and prayers.

Let me explain why it has been this difficult. Before I left Imoh, we had agreed on a known private school. I had visited a few schools around us and lazily chose that one because it was reputable and had been in business for a while and Imoh had attended for a while so I romanticized it. I had no idea what curriculum they used or other info.

Now, it’s a completely different scenario. We’ve moved far away, life has changed. For some reason, I’m more picky and FBI-ish with my choices. Maybe it’s because I’m a single mom now and I feel like I have to over-compensate and I have to make the right choices. It can never be said that so and so happened because the father was not there. Lie lie. That one, I cannot allow. So suddenly, I’m reading books on Montessori, EYFS, British and Nigerian Curriculas, etc. I’m almost an amateur expert, if there’s anything like that. Lol.

Now, I know what curriculum I prefer and what my non-negotiables are. I also have unique needs like drop off time and pick up time, school bus facilities and strangely, I like swimming and French lessons. He’s not even two but I like to know I have that option. I’m picky, I know. I know what adult: child ratio I’m comfortable with, educational background of the teacher and owner and what the expectation for each class is. The discipline approach of the school is another factor and the communication channel between parents and teachers and the distance between home, school and my office.  I know what I prefer between school made meals and homemade meals. One amazing school even added feeding and diapering the kids from 7am to 7pm to their price. Talk about value!

When I ask my questions, some of the administrators are flabbergasted. Some, speechless even. Some call their directors and some just don’t bother. So I quickly write them off my list. Some are so good at answering the questions that I’m impressed. They ask ‘Madam, did you run a school before’? Lol. This is my precious son (the future UN Sec Gen) so ayam not joking o. You have to know what your school is about please. From Front desk to the teacher to the owner. Its very important abeg.

Another thing I noticed is that some websites are so va-va-voom and lovely but when you visit the school ehn, you will nearly faint. It is nowhere like the website. Ha! And me, I like dropping in unannounced so there is no time to arrange and bambozzle me with all the shakabula (I just learnt that word. It’s my new favourite slang). I like the dedicated preschools though (without primary or secondary school). They are more flexible with timing and some even provide housing for their staff for early morning drop offs. Their children always look chubbier (yes, it’s a big factor. My son is the chairman of the Association of chubby, pot-bellied babies and I like eet like that) and it’s not just book, book, book; there’s a lot of play as well so it appeals to me a lot more.

But with the prices these schools are charging, you can’t help but be picky. OMG! Lagos preschools did not come to play o! Some of them are twin mansions dedicated for preschools only! Ehn?! To learn ‘ABC’??? Ha! The fee though is enough to buy land in my village. Please, land sellers in my village, contact me so we can work out a payment plan. The prices have my looking at vacancies in Shell, Chevron and GE because the money no be here. It’s ridonculous!

I have still not chosen sha but I have my top three who tick most of the boxes and still fit into the budget. The sigh of relief I will sigh when this is over ehn! At least I go know say na till primary school before the wahala begins again. I can’t wait for September! My precious boy starts preschool. My pride knows no bounds!!!!!!!!! Ojigbijigbijigbi.



2 thoughts on “September Wahala

  1. LMAO! At this rate, come September you’ll be one of those moms who cry on the first day of school. Mommy crying, baby crying. I know my mom cried on my first day because I was crying and telling her I wasn’t crying. Good luck and do tell us how September goes!

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